Arvest Hosts Successful “Stuff the Truck” Event; Benefits Ozark Share & Care

Friday, October 09 at 06:10 AM
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Arvest Bank and the Goblin Booster Club in Harrison, Ark., raised 969 food items for Ozark Share & Care.

YELLVILLE, Ark. — Arvest Bank and the Goblin Booster Club hosted a successful “Rally with the Goblins and Stuff the Truck” event Tuesday night. Food raised at this annual event will benefit Ozark Share & Care as part of the bank’s 1 Million Meals initiative. Arvest, the Goblin Booster Club and members of the community came together at the Harrison Goblin Pep Rally to raise a total of 969 food items. 

Scott Tennyson, market president of Arvest Bank in Harrison said, “We love having this event with Goblin Booster Club every year. We’re grateful to our association and Goblin supporters that joined together to help those in our community that are in need and Ozark Share & Care.”

Arvest Bank would like to thank community members, event volunteers, the Goblin Booster Club, and SRM Productions for giving their time and effort and Sonic, McDonald’s, Clay Maxey Ford and Pepsi for their donations. 

For more information about 1 Million Meals, visit

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Retire

Thursday, October 08 at 10:10 AM
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As you near the end of the final lap of your working years, and begin scanning the retirement horizon, you are likely to be seeking the information that you need to ensure a secure financial future. Here, we touch on three of the most important questions that you should be asking yourself as you transition to retirement.

1. Do I understand all of my Social Security benefits options?
When do you want to begin receiving Social Security benefits? Apply at least three months ahead of the time that you wish to begin. You can receive a reduced benefit once you reach age 62. The full benefit shown on the Social Security estimate statement that you receive each year can be yours when you reach “normal retirement age” (no longer automatically age 65, but dependent upon your date of birth). Or do you want to wait until later, to increase the amount of your benefit? You may want to run the numbers. If you plan a “working retirement,” find out if your benefits will be reduced, and by how much. You can make estimates of what benefits you can receive by using the Social Security Benefits Calculator.*

Benefits aren’t automatic. You can apply for benefits by: filling out an application online at; calling (800) 772-1213; or visiting your local Social Security office. 
2. Do I have all my health insurance coverage in place?
There are three avenues to explore here:
1) Medicare. If you’re already receiving Social Security benefits at age 65, your Medicare (Part A) starts automatically. If you’re not receiving Social Security, you should sign up for Medicare close to your 65th birthday, even if you have not reached your full retirement age, or you aren’t yet ready to retire. Part A is called hospital insurance and covers most hospital stay costs, as well as some follow-up costs. Part B, for which you must enroll, pays some doctor and outpatient medical care costs. The rules for prescription drug coverage are complicated, so you will want to familiarize yourself with them before you need to make any decisions. Plan providers, the AARP and the Medicare website* can offer guidance.
2) Medigap (and other) Policies. About two-thirds of all Medicare recipients aged 65 or over buy this kind of supplemental private health insurance, designed to deal with some of the holes in Medicare coverage. Before buying Medigap, HMO or other managed care insurance, you’ll need to do a thorough review of the kinds of policies available and their costs.
3) Retiree Health Insurance. Find out if you can obtain retiree health insurance from your or your spouse’s company or union. You may find that the cost is less than that for a Medigap policy and provides more benefits. Make sure that you read the policy’s fine print. Especially important: Will premiums rise with inflation? If you are a veteran, find out if you are entitled to medical or prescription drug coverage from the government. 
3. Do I know how I want to manage my company retirement plan payout? 
Your 401(k) or other qualified retirement plan may offer several kinds of distribution choices. One option may be to receive your benefits as periodic payments (an annuity). For pension plans there are choices within choices: Your payments might be fixed or variable, paid out over your lifetime or that of you and your spouse. 

Or you may be entitled to receive a lump sum payout of your account balance. In that case you will need to make a decision as to whether you should: (1) take the money in hand, pay tax on it and invest what’s left; or (2) arrange to roll over all or part of your payout into an IRA, avoiding all tax as long as the money remains there. At age 70 1/2 you are required to begin making withdrawals. 

If you are planning an IRA rollover, tread carefully, for there may be tax traps. For example, arrange for a direct rollover of your account from the company plan to a Rollover IRA. If you don’t, your employer is required by law to withhold 20 percent for income taxes. 

An Arvest Asset Management Client Advisor can assist you in meeting your financial goals for the future. Find a Client Advisor near you.
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Clay Maxey Ford and Arvest Bank Present $25,000 to Claude Parrish Radiation Therapy

Thursday, October 08 at 06:35 AM
Category: Arvest Community News

 A golf tournament at the Harrison Country Club in Harrison, Ark., raised $25,000 for Claude Parrish Radiation Therapy.

Harrison, Ark. – Clay Maxey Ford, along with Arvest Bank, will present $25,000 to the PaRTI Foundation. The funds were raised during Puttin’ in Pink, a golf tournament that took place September 26 and 27 at the Harrison Country Club. The tournament was powered by 102.9 the Z, the exclusive media sponsor for the event. 

Clay Maxey with Clay Maxey Ford said, “The golf tournament was a huge success and we’re excited to give this money to the PaRTI Foundation. Their organization provides important cancer care for our community. These funds will help them continue their mission of providing high quality care with compassion.”

Dr. Jon Burnside said, “We’re so grateful Clay Maxey, Arvest Bank and the entire community for supporting our cause through this event. These funds will go right back into the community in the form of nutritional services, social services, travel assistance, and support groups to those who need cancer care.” 

ParRTI is staffed with a board certified Radiation Oncologist, a qualified medical physicist, a dosimetrist, radiation therapists and an RN who is committed to the delivery of cancer care at extremely high standards. The organization also offers free cancer screenings to the public. 

The second annual Puttin’ in Pink golf tournament has been scheduled for Sept. 24-25, 2016 at the Harrison Country Club. 

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Partnership with Yellville-Summit School District Raises Thousands of Dollars

Wednesday, October 07 at 05:15 AM
Category: Arvest Community News

A spare change drive raised $2,500 to feed the hungry in the Yellville, Ark. and Summit, Ark. areas.

YELLVILLE, Ark. — On September 2, Arvest Bank announced the beginning of their 1 Million Meals initiative that challenges bank associates, customers and communities to participate in fundraising efforts and nonperishable food drives to fight hunger in the more than 120 communities the bank serves.

As part of the 1 Million Meals outreach in North Central Arkansas, Arvest partnered with the Yellville-Summit School District for the third year in a row to conduct a spare change drive called “Panthers Change Lives.” Students collected spare change from Sept. 18 through Sept. 23.

In less than a week, the students of Yellville-Summit raised $2,500 to benefit the Yellville-Summit Food for Thought backpack program and the Food Bank of North Central Arkansas. The school’s sixth and tenth grade students raised the most money throughout “Panthers Change Lives.”

“Partnering with Arvest’s 1 Million Meals initiative was an excellent way to teach our students about giving back to our community,” said Liz Leatherman, elementary school counselor and the Yellville-Summit Food for Thought Backpack Program coordinator. “The students saw that they can make a big difference when they work together. We are so excited that we were able to donate so much to our backpack program and the Food Bank of North Central Arkansas to help provide meals to hungry children and families right here in our community.”

Every dollar raised by the Yellville-Summit School District for 1 Million Meals will provide the equivalent of five meals for those in need.

Arvest’s 1 Million Meals initiative will continue to take nonperishable and monetary donations through Oct. 31, concluding just before Thanksgiving when donations will be presented to local food partners who feed the hungry in their communities. Marion and Baxter county residents can participate in 1 Million Meals by dropping off nonperishable food items or making monetary donations at any of the Arvest branches in Marion or Baxter counties or by calling (866) 952-9523.

For more information about 1 Million Meals, visit

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Tis the Season to Prevent Identity Fraud

Tuesday, October 06 at 09:45 AM
Category: Personal Finance

Nothing can spoil the holidays like discovering that someone has stolen your credit card information, Social Security number, or other personal information. Here are 10 smart ways to protect yourself from identity theft during the upcoming holiday shopping season.

  1. Never carry your Social Security card with you unless you need it for a specific purpose. Carry your checkbook and credit cards only when you need them.
  2. Keep your credit cards in sight during in-person transactions to prevent “skimming.” This crime occurs when employees run your card through a separate device to steal its information.
  3. When entering your PIN at an ATM, stand close and block the keyboard with your body so that others can’t see your PIN.
  4. When shopping online, be sure to use only secure (password protected) networks. Never shop on public computers, such as those in libraries or classrooms.
  5. Do not save credit card information on any online shopping websites. Even companies you trust can be victims of security breaches.
  6. Beware of phishing scams. Thieves know that during the holidays, many people are distracted, making it easier to trick you into sharing private information online. Stay alert, and never provide any personal information via email.
  7. Keep mobile devices like smartphones and tablets locked with passwords, and do not store confidential information on them.
  8. Don’t leave package deliveries unattended at home. Thieves can not only steal the merchandise you’ve ordered, but any personal information that may be included in the package as well. If you can’t bring a package inside when it’s delivered, ask a friend or neighbor to help you out, or arrange to pick up the package from the delivery service’s office.
  9. Look over all bank statements, credit card statements and other bills as soon as they arrive to make sure no unauthorized charges appear. If they do, notify the bank and/or biller immediately.
  10. Activate your credit file monitoring and Total Identity Monitoring with IDProtect™. They will check your credit reports to monitor them for unauthorized activity, such as collection notices on accounts you have not used or new accounts that you did not open; as well as provide continuous monitoring of over 1,000 databases including credit, public records, property records and more.
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